YES is pleased to offer summer programming for youth during July and August 2020.  Social distancing, hygiene, cleaning, and health testing protocols will be followed per Massachusetts Department of Public Health guidelines. Read YES’s full statement about the coronavirus at [Updated 7/6/20 at 4:30 pm]

Youth Enrichment Services

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Become a Strategic Partner with YES

YES deeply values the partnerships it maintains in the Boston community. Strategic Partners are schools, youth-serving organizations, and faith-based youth programs in Boston and especially those in Dorchester, Mattapan, and Roxbury.  After a positive first experience at YES, youth are likely to become more involved in community opportunities that foster personal development and an engagement in the outdoors.

YES offers three main programs to Strategic Partners in Boston:

  • Operation SnowSports: day-long ski/snowboard trips on weekends from January to March. Ages 7-18 (opens annually in October)
  • Outdoor Adventure: day-long rock climbing/kayaking/mountain biking trips on weekdays from July to August. Ages 7-18 (opens annually in April)
  • School-Year: programming from September to June featuring multiple adventure sports for schools with enrichment opportunities during or after school Ages 7-18

Partnership details including cost, size, date and times can be crafted in collaboration between the Strategic Partner and the YES Community Outreach Coordinator. All inquiries can be sent to the YES Community Outreach Coordinator at [email protected].

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