YES is pleased to offer summer programming for youth during July and August 2020.  Social distancing, hygiene, cleaning, and health testing protocols will be followed per Massachusetts Department of Public Health guidelines. Read YES’s full statement about the coronavirus at [Updated 7/6/20 at 4:30 pm]

Youth Enrichment Services

Plans for Growth

2016 – 2020 Strategic Plan

At its 2015 Strategic Planning meeting, the YES Board and Staff set forth new goals to guide YES’s work and growth over the next five years (2016 – 2020).IMG_0379

YES’s 2016 – 2020 Strategic Focus 

In the upcoming five years, YES will focus its strategic efforts around diversity and program enrichment, with the following goals:

Focus on Diversity

Expand diversity of participants at all tiers of programming and reflect the same level of diversity throughout the entire organization including leadership and management.

 Program Enrichment

Ensure more youth have access to an enriched program design that embeds and integrates college, career, and life readiness programming in addition to outdoor adventure/sports.

YES’s 2016 – 2020 Goals

One programmatic goal YES has set forth for the next five years is to engage more young people in YES’s Tier 2 (Repeat Engagement) programming. Tier 2 programs give young people the opportunity to have multiple outdoor and enrichment experiences with YES. Through Tier 2 programs, YES youth have the opportunity to build relationships and increase their confidence.

Current Tier 2 programs include YETTI (Youth Excel Through Tailored Instruction), Outdoor Adventure week-long sessions, Outdoor Adventure intensives, and the YES Track & Field team.

YES also strives to continue structuring its programming around the following core goals:

  1. Offer high quality, challenging active outdoor experiences and leadership development activities grounded in positive youth development theories and practices that reaches a diverse group of Boston.
  2.  Build systems, spaces and processes to enable continuous program improvement and increased impact.
  3.  Ensure YES’s financial health and sustainability over the coming decade.

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