Youth Enrichment Services

Our Approach

The YES Formula for Success

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Our goal is to provide Boston’s youth with year-round outdoor enrichment and leadership programs. YES’s mission is to inspire and challenge youth with physical and mental activities that foster life-long respect for self, others, and the environment.

In order to deepen the impact of these programs, YES has established three tiers of programming. As YES youth move through each tier, they gain new experiences, gain confidence and build leadership skills. When YES youth complete Tier 3 programming, they are better equipped for success in school, work and life.

TIER 1- EXPERIENCE: Introductory Experiences & Activities- youth gain new experiences they would not have the opportunity to otherwise

YES Programs: Operation SnowSports and Outdoor Adventure one day adventures.

TIER 2- GAIN CONFIDENCE: Youth gain confidence through repetitive activities over the course of a season

YES Programs:  YETTI (Youth Excel Through Tailored Instruction) Ski and Snowboard program, Outdoor Adventure week-long sessions, YES Track and Field seasonal programs.

TIER 3- CREATE PATHWAYS TO LEADERSHIP: Youth build leadership skills through high-impact programming

YES Programs: YES Academy programs including: Girls Outdoor Adventure Leaders, Career Exploration,College Preparation, Junior Volunteer Program.