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Meet and greet with YES Alum and intern Jenny!

Former YES teen, Jenny Delgado, has joined the YES staff as a development intern this summer!  She is helping with marketing, fundraising, and Alumni activities. We sat down with Jenny and asked her about what its like to return to YES as a college student!

YES: What is your first memory of YES?

Jenny:  My first YES memory is getting fitted for my snowboard equipment in the basement with another 20 students.

YES: What do you think the best part of YES has been for you and your friends (other YES alumni)?

Jenny: I think the best part was learning how to step out of my comfort zone to learn how to snowboard the first time I participated in Operations Snowsports. I had to move beyond my fear of falling (which I still do) and prove to myself that the only way to fail was by giving up.  As for the friendships I created through YES, I was happy to see that three students from my high school received the Richard Williams Memorial Scholarship to continue their journey as they became first generation college bound.

YES: Why did you want to intern in the Development department at YES this summer? What is your favorite part of the organization?

Jenny:  I decided to intern in the Development department at YES because I thought it would be a great fit for me. As a junior in college with a communications major, the Development department offered me the opportunity to take what I have learned in the classroom and apply it to real situations. Within my internship, I am able to part-take on projects that impact YES as a whole; and being an alum I’m able to better see the changes YES has been able to make since I was a participant. My favorite part of YES is being able to see how the program keeps growing yearly and see the different impact one program has over the hundreds of kids and youth that come into YES every day.

YES: How can other YES alumni stay involved with the organization?  Tell us about the work you are doing with the YES alumni group this summer.

Jenny: There are many ways in which alumni can stay connected, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or by simply sending YES an email at [email protected]! If you don’t like social media, that’s okay! Here at YES we have a mailing list for the people who don’t like or are not part of any social media sites. (Click here to sign up for it!) Staying in touch with YES is easier than ever before! During my time here at YES, I was able to really be involved with projects for the alumni network. From collecting data from previous events to creating an alumni brochure, I have seen the potential for growth the alumni network has.  Also, I was fortunate to meet Mark Williams and brainstorm new ideas in which YES can be more engaged with its alumni either through social media or hosting alumni events. Stay tuned for these upcoming projects!

YES: Where do you see yourself in five years? What is your dream job?

Jenny: In five years, I see myself finishing grad school. As a first generation college bound student I think education is the key to success, college graduation is only the beginning for me! I want to prove myself and the people that doubted me that I refuse to become another statistic (having kids early, dropping out of school, etc.) Also, in five more years hopefully I have traveled the world a bit more.  If I could get a job that paid me to travel, that would be my dream job. However, if this plan doesn’t work, I do wish to join the non-profit world to give back to a world that has helped unfold my full potential, and has helped me grow individually and professionally.

YES: What is your favorite sport that YES offers?

Jenny: As much as I enjoy snowboarding, I’m definitely a summer person. The track program has to be my favorite. Seeing the amount of kids that show up to the track meets and their desire to be active truly inspires me to be active and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible.

YES: Favorite outdoor memory with YES?

Jenny: The time a JRV taught me how to throw a Frisbee. To this day, I can’t do it right, but I remember having a lot of fun with the other YES youth of that time.    

Thanks Jenny! We can’t wait to continue working with you on Alumni communications and development projects this summer!