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Two-time Olympic Skier Noah Hoffman Visits YES Cross Country Track Practice

On Monday, September 24, two-time Olympian, national, and world champion skier Noah Hoffman went to YES’ Cross Country Track Program practice to lead a 90-minute workout and inspire youth with his story.

Noah Hoffman with YES youth and coaches

Since retiring from skiing, Hoffman works with several charitable and social awareness projects through the United States Olympic Committee’s Team for Tomorrow program. “I would like to spend the rest of my life giving back as I was helped immensely to get where I am today.”

“This is something I try to do fairly often, to be involved with youth sporting events, so when the USOC approaches me and says they want to support a club, the answer is of course, yes,” said Hoffman. “My message to the group tonight is that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to if you work and train hard. I never believed for a minute that I could be an Olympian.”

YES Executive Director, Bryan Van Dorpe, believes that there will be a lasting impact on the youth from having top athletes like Hoffman come and speak to them. “For the athletes that desire to give back to the community like Noah, we want to provide them that forum,” Van Dorpe said. “They tell their personal stories about going through challenges. Noah told them that he was going back to school in his talk and that’s a great message for them to hear. It’s huge, you can see the reaction from the kids; Noah’s a role model for them.”

Hoffman truly believes in the positive impact that YES will have on its youth as developing athletes. “There are so many talented athletes out there who don’t get the needed help, and that’s why there are programs like YES to provide these valuable opportunities. Think about what a life we’ve gotten to live and the places we’ve gotten to go; more kids should have that chance.”

About the United States Olympic Committee’s Team for Tomorrow – A community outreach program that provides US athletes with the opportunity to give back to the community while spreading the Olympic Values of excellence, friendship and respect.