Youth Enrichment Services

YES Teens Learn about Philanthropy with Highland Street Foundation

“Why do people donate to non-profits?” “What makes a non-profit effective?”

A group of YES teens explored questions like these while learning about philanthropy in a workshop led by 19-year-old YES Alumni, Aaliyah Yarde, and Ashley Belizaire, YES College Prep Fellow. The Youth Philanthropy Initiative workshop, funded by the Highland Street Foundation, met twice a week in June at YES and aims to “teach the next generation about effective philanthropy”.

After participating in philanthropy workshops, the teens selected five non-profits to interview for the grant. The Highland Street Foundation allotted $5,000 to the teens, which the group could grant to the non-profit/s of their choosing. The YES teens interviewed several Boston non-profits and decided to award their grants to Boston nonprofit, Boston Mobilization, whose mission is to develop and empower teen leaders for social justice.

Learn more about the Highland Street Foundation and the Young Philanthropy Initiative here.


YES Teens with the $5,000 Check they awarded to Boston Mobilization.