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Youth Enrichment Services


Youth Enrichment Services (YES) received four (4) bibs this year through the John Hancock Non-Profit Boston Marathon Program. We are thrilled to introduce four runners to Team YES: Rob Fitzpatrick, Corey Roth, Marc Sorresso, and Eric Wortman. While they come from diverse backgrounds, they have all been impacted by YES in some way. This year’s team is comprised of two YES volunteers, the son of a YES kid from the 1970s, and an employee of one of YES’s biggest supporters. Hear why our runners are part of Team YES:

“Every day I see first-hand how isolated many adolescents are today, with seemingly fewer options to connect than past generations. That is why an organizations like YES are so vital in giving young people a place to go and feel connected. It is amazing that there is such a place that all young people are welcomed and can learn a passion for something, or even just be exposed to something that is outside of their comfort zone.” – Rob

“I’m running to raise awareness about income inequality and the opportunities we have every day to provide a better life for disadvantaged youth.” – Corey

“We didn’t have YES where I grew up, but I was basically a YES kid. Family and my church made it financially possible for me to take up skiing as a kid, and that opened so many doors for me. As an adult, I’ve worked with kids from low-income communities for almost fifteen years, and I see the opportunity gap that exists firsthand. So many kids rarely get to experience the outdoors and miss the joy it brings and character it builds. I want to be a part of the driving force that’s making this possible for all kids in Boston. Through skiing, I was able to build close friendships, develop self-confidence, and be a kid! Every child in Boston deserves the chance to experience the outdoors, and I’m running to help make that happen.” – Marc

“I’m an avid snowboarder and support YES’s goals of exposing kids to the sport of skiing/snowboarding. I believe it’s a great activity and good way to get kids outside and learn responsibility.” – Eric

Click on the images below to visit their Crowdrise pages, support their run, and read more about their personal stories. Team YES is fundraising a total of $40,000. Click here to support our runners!